After conversations with Rabbi, the Board, and several of of our temple historians (not an official title, just guys who have been around awhile!), we have decided to “renew” the Men’s Club!

We jokingly thought of mirroring the amazing group of women temple leaders, the Sisterhood, and calling ourselves the Misterhood. This is just to demonstrate that, not taking anything away from the amazing ladies who keep our temple vibrant, there is also a strong male presence here. We should gather to get to know each other better, have fun, discuss our Jewish and/or male role and identity, and practice tzedakah.

We have our first opportunity to do so, even before we officially (or unofficially) meet: Let’s help take down the Sukkah this Sunday! It is overdue to be dismantled, and a fun project to boot, and it’s a mitzvah.

Where: Temple Har Zion Garden
When: Sunday, Oct. 29
Time: during Hebrew school, 10 a.m. – Noon

Ladies, please encourage your men to attend — and for our interfaith families, non-Jewish and non-practicing men are encouraged to join us as well!

— Todd Pisani, Trustee