An update from our recent Zoom event…

Shoshana McKinney, daughter of a THZ “regular,” is the executive director of Tikvah Chadasha Uganda, a community-based non-profit organization she founded with her Ugandan Jewish husband. Shoshana was born and raised in Southern California. She is a religious Jewish mom and stepmom living in Uganda full time since 2021.

The mission of Tikvah Chadasha Uganda is to permanently eliminate grinding poverty through providing opportunities to earn a livelihood. The organization creates, equips and stocks sustainable chicken farms for poor Jewish women who are trained with the knowledge to leave day labor in the vegetable fields behind. Tikvah Chadasha Uganda also breaks down barriers to education for disabled children in Uganda in many ways; these include providing crutches, wheelchairs and sign language training to hearing parents and teachers of deaf children.

Watch this powerful video to learn more about the Women’s Program:

Read an article by Shoshana about life in Uganda.

The foundation accepts donations large and small. McKinney may be reached by email or via Post Office Box 1489, Mbale, Uganda 225.