You had me at ‘Shalom’

by Darcy Grabenstein An article on is titled “There’s a Difference Between Saying You’re Welcoming and Being Welcoming.” In that article, author Nina Badzin says that, in response to another article she’d written, “Several readers–Jews and non-Jews alike–commented that they found the Jewish community cliquey and unwelcoming.” This couldn’t...

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Shavua tov - a good week

Shavua Tov, THZ Community

I hope you all had a blessed Shabbat of rest and joy. I am so grateful to Deb Wolff and Ma’ayana Tishman who led our community in Shabbat davenning (prayer), and to Steven Klier, who read the Torah. Since I was not with you this past Shabbat, I want to...

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