As a Renewal congregation in the Conservative tradition, Temple Har Zion offers Shabbat services that are deeply spiritual, joyous and participatory. They are a nurturing space to learn about and develop Jewish practice. Three Fridays (at 8 p.m.) and Saturdays (at 10 a.m.) a month, we follow the Conservative tract and offer a traditional service. Each month, we hold a Hebrew-School service on Friday night, which begins at 7:30 p.m., so be sure to check our calendar.

The third Friday and second Saturday each month we hold a Jewish Renewal-style service. These services are held in the round and include drumming, chant and meditation. Participants find these alternative services deeply gratifying, moving and soul-stirring. Check our calendar for all services.

All Shabbat morning services feature a 20- to 30-minute participatory Torah discussion during the service. This discussion is led by the Rabbi, and questions are asked, interpretations are offered, insights (including Kabbalistic and mystical) are shared and people come away with a deeper understanding of what it means to be Jewish.

Temple Har Zion is known for its fabulous onegs and kiddushes. Our in-house cooks and bakers prepare a variety of treats, and following services people enjoy hanging out to schmooze and connect with each other.