The High Holidays at Temple Har Zion are a time of introspection and finding joy and renewed strengthening of our spiritual connection. (See our entire schedule of High Holiday services, including children’s services.)

Preparation for the holiest days includes various workshops and teachings and a meaningful selichot service. This year, we are reading the book This Is Real And You Are Completely Unprepared by Rabbi Alan Lew, z’l. We have post-Saturday Shabbat service discussions as the book leads us from the sadness of Tisha b’Av through the celebration of Simchat Torah.

Our first-day Rosh Hashanah service follows the Conservative tract. All our High Holiday services follow our own in-house machzors (prayer books).

Second-day Rosh Hashanah services celebrate the Birthday of the World and are Jewish-Renewal style, with drumming, dancing, chant and meditation.

Our Kol Nidrei service opens us to examining the depths of our spiritual lives, made even more special with the knowledge that one of our Torahs being held aloft was rescued from Kristallnacht. Our awakening on Yom Kippur leads us through a full day of davennen, study and meditation.

Yom Kippur afternoon services leading to Ne’ilah may include biblio-drama, a Kabbalah teaching, or an experiential service. For those who choose to remain at THZ during the Yom Kippur afternoon break, there is the option of a chant session held at the nearby hilltop park for which Mt. Holly is named.

Our transition out of Yom Kippur is celebrated with a THZ break-the-fast, to which all are welcome.

Temple Har Zion celebrates Sukkot with services on the first two and last two days of the holiday. Each year, on the Sunday during the holiday, a sukkah tour is held as we caravan to different members’ homes to do the mitzvah of the Sukkot blessing.

These Holy Days culminate with a Simchat Torah celebration where dancing, singing and music abound. On Simchat Torah evening, a Torah is unrolled and each of us has an opportunity to know where we “stand” in Torah — a blessing for the year to come. On the following morning, we read the final words of Deuteronomy and begin anew with the opening verses of Beresheit.

Tickets for High Holiday services are available for non-members and extended family.